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ShipperHQ API

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ShipperHQ is a highly flexible, carrier agnostic, rating-focused solution for eCommerce. You can use ShipperHQ to manage the shipping rates and options offered to customers. Using our API, you can make use of ShipperHQ's powerful functionality in your eCommerce platform, back office system, order management system, or anywhere else where timely, accurate rates are required.

To get started integrating your platform with ShipperHQ you'll need to sign up for a developer account. If you need assistance, we offer consultation and support packages to cover you whether you need help with your ShipperHQ configuration, implementation of our API, or even need consultation on best practices. Contact us for more information.

API endpoints

You send us a payload with information of the customer's cart and the api calculates and carrier information and rates according to your ShipperHQ configuration.

Produces a list of available shipping methods you have configured in the ShipperHQ dashboard.

Request format

The ShipperHQ integrations web services are accessed via JSON request as a POST method to All requests to our various web service endpoints are required to contain the two objects "credentials" and "siteDetails".

    "credentials": {
        "apiKey": "api key goes here",
        "password": "authentication code goes here"
    "siteDetails": {
        "appVersion": "2.34",
        "ecommerceCart": "Magento Community",
        "websiteUrl": "",
        "environmentScope": "LIVE",
        "ecommerceVersion": ""

In the siteDetails section of the request there is an attribute named "environmentScope". Environment scopes allow the merchants to test and integrate all aspects of the ShipperHQ system before they go live. This ensures that only information that exists within that scope is returned by the web service.

If you want access to one of our development servers please sign up at

Response format

All response payloads are JSON. All responses contain a "responseSummary" and any errors that were present if any.

    "responseSummary": {
        "transactionId": "SHQ_REQUEST_14515079446790.28407806",
        "status": 1,
        "date": 1451507944995,
        "version": "1.x"
    "errors": []